The cutting machine – a masterpiece of engineering

The Heinz Kunze peat works was founded in 1950 and produced fuel peat until 1970. Today, fertiliser peat is produced, which is sold to nearby supermarkets and garden centres.

The peak times for sales are from March until mid-June and from September until mid-November. Dry days are used for extracting peat. The areas are harrowed and vacuumed off after drying. An auxiliary unit on a tractor with a 2-metre wide suction nozzle is used to collect the peat in a 15 m³ drum.

Tracked vehicles (Fig. 2), tractors, sifting and packaging machines are used in operation.

In addition, Heinz Kunze also receives and restores numerous historic machines (Figs. 3 and 4). And he owns a working cutting machine (Fig. 5). This is well maintained and undamaged. Once a year he demonstrates how fibric peat is cut.

The individual parts of the machine are connected by chains and sprockets (Fig. 6) to enable the machine to cut the peat, move it onto a belt and then set it down beside the ditch (Figs. 7 to 9). While doing this, it continually creeps forwards so that it can cut, transport and set down the next sod of peat.

Videos, die sehr anschaulich die Funktionsweise dieser wirklich besonderen Maschine zeigen. 

The annual demonstration is coupled to an appeal for donations to our Moor Museum. We would like to thank our advisory board member Heinz Kunze for maintaining the cutting machine, for the demonstration and for collecting ever more generous donations.

Did you know…

that the geographical centre of today’s municipality of Sassenburg is located not far from here (Fig. 1)? Its coordinates are calculated from the means of the most northerly and most southerly points, and the most easterly and most westerly points using the WGS 84 system:

52° 31’ 50” North, 10° 38’ 27” East

Its elevation is slightly less than 57 m above mean sea level.



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